The Anthem/Paradigm room

The Anthem/Paradigm system may have been simply assembled, but don't let that fool you into thinking it wasn't sophisticated technologically or sound-wise. The Anthem STR integrated ($6000) outputs 200Wpc, comes with a hi-rez DAC, a USB audio input that supports up to 32/384 PCM, a pair of MM/MC phono inputs, and offers room correction. The speakers being fed by the Anthem were the fancy-looking five-driver, 95dB-sensitive, class-D bass-amplified Paradigm Founder 120H speakers ($11,000/pair; review to appear in the December issue of Stereophile). These speakers employ decoupled drivers and feet, and also include Anthem Room Correction.

The sound I heard being streamed from a laptop was big, bass-rich, colorful, and emitted finely textured in-room extension that compelled me to stay in my seat just a little longer.

(All prices in Canadian dollars unless otherwise noted.)