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Another tough one to measure?

A couple of posts on the never ending "cons" thread got me thinking about this one:

An adult with normal hearing is stricken with a disease which, in a matter of months renders him stone deaf. He is fitted with cochlear implants which, to a limited extent, allow him to "hear" - enough, at least, to understand normal speech etc. When music is played in his presence he "hears" and recognizes it as such only if it is music with which he was familiar before he went deaf, otherwise he perceives it as an annoying set of sounds . The explanation given is that the music being transmitted by his implants triggers memory - his brain "fills in the blanks" if he has something in his files with which to fill them.

If something akin to this goes on to one extent or another in the brains of those of us who aren't deaf, what might it effect - only the musical content or perhaps the quality? Another element that might be pretty difficult to measure in a DBT.

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