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Re: And the winner is...well it's Blu-ray.

Properly done, with the proper training, meditation can get one considerably higher than sex or music, by a damn long shot. And it will make you literally...more intelligent. More leads to even more. A positive feedback system of the highest order. Kinda hard, I mean difficult, to say that about sex.
I mean, once one learns the tricks of meditation, one can even, er, 'tweak' oneself, while lets say...riding the bus. Or on the elevator. Or at the work desk. Yes...self-wanking without taking any clothes off, or even having the appearance of such.

Ok. Didn't make me...more intelligent. I've gone back to music and sex and stuff.

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Re: And the winner is...well it's Blu-ray.

Properly done, with the proper training...

No need to worry, folks. "Properly done" means that you have sex and listen to music while doing it, so you still get your happy ending.

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Re: And the winner is...well it's Blu-ray.


Going to CD from LP was one of the greatest breakthroughs for sex I've ever encountered. It essentially doubled my down time.

Buddha, LOL! This is the difference between this forum and others- the humor that illuminates (or at least entertains) rather than denigrates. While the mass-market forums would have broken down to macho chest thumping, bitch hating and fag baiting, you guys take it a higher level. As Johnny Carson would say, "Good stuff..."

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Re: And the winner is...well it's Blu-ray.

So it begins, audiophile blu-ray player.

may have to scroll down a bit.

Rumored at $17,000.00


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Re: And the winner is...well it's Blu-ray.

No apology necessary, Self-Divider.

Just don't ask me to (Bwaaaahaaaahaaaa) "grow up." What a pathetic way to die that would be. I already tried that. I spent 18 months in the First
Corps area in Viet Nam, getting shot at and straining my drinking water through my socks -- and, when I got home, my ex-friends kept telling me I was drinking too much Scotch. This ought to have given me a clue. Snort. Still, I persisted in my folly (the great madman, William Blake, said, "...if a fool would persist in his folly, he would become wise" -- he was wrong). I stood for my PhD orals with Jacques Derrida, Hazard Adams, and Murray Krieger in the room. They passed me out of sympathy, I am sure. Then, I had to face my ex-wife's divorce lawyer, in a courtroom full of people who talk funny. Oh, yeah. I grew up.

I vow to spend the rest of my life growing down. Hell, I deserve it.

I am sorry you had a bad day in class. I have had many. But, now that I am retired, they all recede gently into the unspecifiable past. Someday, butterfly, you shall understand the blissful import of this casually uttered phrase.

My advice, to counter yours (even though you didn't mean it in any harsh way...)? Grow DOWN. As Baudelaire said, "...Be thou forever drunken, on wine, women, and poetry..."

I think we can substitute "music" for "poetry," on this forum (although I heartily recommend both).

I have had, I swear, enough or this "growing up" shit -- I have fought in grown-up wars, grown-up courtrooms, and grown-up paper chases. I have won those fights, relatively speaking (no victories are absolute, as I am sure you know...), but it took another 40 years to understand that they weren't worth the fight.

So, I remain hopefully regressive. Lemme outta here. I want music, pussy, and adolescent vacuity. Not necessarily in that order.

I repeat. Do NOT ask me to "grow up." I will counter with, "grow down," and abdicate your hard-earned rung on the Great Chain of Being. Enjoy your tunes, and screw anything that allows you near it. That's the ticket. Let the grown-ups become Presidents, whereafter they can be eternally ignored by the great pulse of life.

I thank you for the apology, but I would rather buy you a beer or two....

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Re: And the winner is...well it's Blu-ray.

Hey, Clifton. Thanks for the offer for the beer. You're gonna regret it because I'm going to take you up on that, man. My parents live in LA & I'll be there some time & knocking on your door.

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Re: And the winner is...well it's Blu-ray.

I never said the meditation can't be Tantric.

A more colloquial description of such would be, 'Screwing your way to God', which is, er, an admirable enough endeavor.

And I fully agree with Clifton: If you can't have the joy of being a child in your life, you have really seriously lost your shit to the winds. If you can't gasp with wonder of the sunrise, or a rainbow at the age of've lost the meaning. Do not pass Go, do not collect $200. I'm 43 and I still stick my hand out the window of the car to play with the wind, like all people should. My pup would stick her head out the window of the car for that long nosed fuel injection effect, and it was clear she was having fun. So I'd do the same. But I stopped at the barking at the other dogs. Ok. I lie. I've barked at other dogs with her.

A lack of wonder means you've shut down, instead of opening up. Shutting down means the end of learning what is important in life. Most importantly, it involves the shutting down of the true essence of learning new things, the loss of the chance to learn the absolute depth of what life, reality, existence,

The important thing to take away, is that the most intelligent and accomplished people who've ever lived, almost to a person..retained the wonder of a child for their entire lives.

Oddly birthday coincides with this annual celebration....

The God of Wine, Celebration, and Inspired Madness

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Re: And the winner is...well it's Blu-ray.

Oddly birthday coincides with this annual celebration....

And this surprises you, why?


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