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JoeE SP9
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Re: And for the trifecta....Height.

Since switching to panels I've learned to expect height cues in lots of music. Music has been high low and in between (sic) for me since 1976.

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Re: And for the trifecta....Height.

Our aural memory is filled with excuses and exceptions. As witnessed by Art Dudley in virtually every monthly column, listening to what exists in the groove of a 78 provides surprisingly fresh clues as to what is missing from the pits and flats of modern recordings. When the immediacy of the moment has been replaced by the expediency of the hourly rate, the music suffers. For most listeners the propaganda that what is new must be better is enough to allow their aural memory to be as vague about reality as that 35mmm snapshot of the Grand Canyon is about the field of depth.

The concessions are killing the music and we hardly notice because we have the hifi to wow us.

It sure seems that way from where I sit!


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