And Now For Something Completely Different

"Wes," Perry Pecker exclaimed as we passed each other in the 10th-floor corridor. "We have something you might enjoy."

Such as?

"I make drivers for OEM, but I have put together some DIY kits for audiophiles who are up for a little fun."

Pecker is president of marketing and sales at HempAcoustics, which makes drivers from hemp, a wonderfully stiff natural material. Pecker's Timefield kits are affordable and impressive. The $300USD TF4.5 employs a single 4.5" driver in a CNC-cut cabinet (you assemble and finish it yourself It claims 95.5dB sensitivity and 55Hz–20kHz response.

Ayre's Steve Silberman and I thought the speaker was fun. Yes, it could get a little aggressive when pushed, but we dug the look and sound a lot.

Other models are available, including ones with Bamboo cabinets.

Jason Victor Serinus's picture

Damn. I wish I could have been there to meet Jeff. I so appreciate his sanity on the forum. A delight to see your smiling mug, Jeff.jason

Alan in Victoria's picture

Yeah, I thought it was the new Mac-O-Phonic, the all in one music system! Does it close up like a suitcase so I can take it to parties?

Tyll's picture

Geez! It looks just like JA. Kinda' dumpy and cool at the same time.Love the mustache, Jeff. Hard to compete with KK's momentum, but great effort. Very sly.

Monty's picture

Jeff, you did retain the rights to issue T-Shirts? That's really cool.

John Atkinson's picture

'course I glower at my fingers, they won't always do what I tells 'em!

Fred Manteghian's picture

Jeff, it was a pleasure meeting you! I dig your shoes :)Fred

Jeff Wong's picture

Tyll - I was hoping to see you at the show.Monty - Thanks, but I can't imagine anyone would buy any.John's fingers seemed to obey him quite well. It was the best "digital" bass I heard at the show.Fred - It was a pleasure meeting you as well. I noticed you had comfy shoes on the last time I saw you.Jason - I had hoped to meet you as well. Perhaps, next time.

Ken's picture

If this is not a joke or doctored photo, I am quite surprised this product could make it past an initial student design sketch. In my opinion this would be the turntable design equivalent of a Ford Edsel. This design will go over much like NEW Coke did. Please tell me this will NOT go into production, and is only just a mockup to generate some interest. ?? I really like Mac products still, as I have a Mac integrated amp and love it. Mc Labs should be able to create a new innovative turntable design with world-beating performance and very unique but timeless looks, and c'mon...and no meters needed. Back to the drawing board.....please! -Ken

josh's picture

I want one. This looks amazingly cool. If it is built to Macs traditional standards I am sure that it is a world beater!

bbyte's picture

If it's Mac, it's a crap.Ugly as hell, and it weights a ton.Maybe McIntosh design team was changed to their colleague from Marantz & Denon?

triumph_900's picture

As Ken wrote right above... PLEASE tell me it's a photoshop fake or, at least, a sort of mockup just to say "sooner or later McIntosh is going to launch on the market it's own turntable". But, please, DON'T tell me this "stuff" is going into production!P.S.: I'm a MacIntosh fan and proud owner of a C2200 and MC2102: McBoys don't do that. Please!

a Drinker with a Stereo Problem's picture

I don't care how ridiculous it looks - how does it SOUND?!?!?!?!

exracer's picture

why not have it look like a Mc amp, or receiver... at least when you look at it, you dont have to ask who the manufacturer is. What kind of audiophile interjects his disapproval without hearing it? Is not that the most important part? Frankly I am surprised a Mc owner would question its appearance. I am very surprised some of the above comments are from Mc owners, I think it looks modern and old school at the same time, it looks, well, very Mcintosh. Thats good! And coming from Mc, I am sure it sounds quite decent indeed.

Doug Bowker's picture

Oh my EYES, my EYES! Please make it go away! Man, that thing is so badly designed I wouldn't even know how to start! As a professional industrial designer, it hurts me to know that thing made it of the drawing board. The VPI vacuum record cleaners look better, let alone any other real turntable out there. That McIntosh faceplate already looks ridiculous in the 21st century anyway, even on amps. The hell with heritage, sometimes it's time to move on and evolve. BTW- anyone else notice the Mark Walberg's character in The Departed had a rack of McIntosh gear in his swanky Boston condo?

Ken's picture

As I originally commented above, I still think this design is horrific...overly bulky, poor asthetics, meter, etc. But I strongly disagree that the "Mac look" with green glass face plates, meters and such are outdated for the 21st century. That is part of their appeal to me, their timeless "anti high-tech" appearance and function. So many products and other things have changed over the years in overall quality or function, and not always for the better. Nice to see products that still maintain some continuity with the an old tube radio. I have seen enough silver and black brushed metal or plastic face plates on 99% of the audio gear out there now, so Mcintosh should always retain that design concept to some degree moving forward. Obviously I also want the electronics to be at least as good as the outside looks and heft, and think McIntosh meets that criteria more often than not considering the relatively moderate cost of their products in the mid/high-end marketplace. - Ken

quadlover's picture

It is Mc-cool! If you don't like the style of McIntosh equiupment you won't like it regardless of price. Do you really think if this is a viable market product that McIntosh would build something that would clash in style with other Mc equipment? Get real. If it looks like a Mc it will sell and if it is reviewed by Mikey (we all know Sam will love it) and he likes it, it will sell to non Mc-ophiles. So it looks like another marketing trump card for the McIntosh people in their hopes to keep people in an entire McIntosh system audio & video. When will the cables come? Perhaps with optional blue or green neon lighting?

John in d.c.'s picture

That is hilarious. Who designed? Herbert Frankenstein?

hwirt's picture

I think with a few tweaks to the design it would look pretty good. For instance, use a fiber optic lighting system to illuminate the glass turntable McIntosh blue matching the Mac meters. The meter on the front should go, serves no useful purpose.

David's picture

Prior to recently dumping my McIntosh MCD-205 CD changer -- which was a Stereophile recommended component, and real piece of junk -- I commented to the folks at McIntosh tech support that they really ought to stick to making amplifiers. To which they heartily agreed.

Robbert's picture

By bringing a design like this out, McIntosh clearly underestimates underestimates its clients, thinking they won't buy a MI turntable if it doesn't completely look like a MI amp or whatever. The design as such doesn't affect me. It's a McIntosh. Surely it'll sound good to great. But the implications as to how McIntosh regards its customers are all the more important.McIntosh, grow some self-esteem, please!

HiFiBuster's picture

Sure it looks contraversial, but at least it is worth responding to, appearently. It would be fun to gasp at what some some of you stone throwers would design. Just went to a Picasso and his contemporaries art exhibit. Art is in the eye of the beholder, and thankfully we all like different appearences, otherwise how boring.Mac will be Mac. That's a good thing.

michaelsamra's picture

We can all face facts that turntables are on their way back and I'm sure the MP3 market is driving this just as the way digital CDS brought back tube amps..Purists cannot handle digital sound with transistors and ICs and now the MP3 players and format have forced good Cds down the drain if there ever was such a thing as good Cds.Anyway you slice it,analog is on its way back to audiophiles and I love it..More power to Mcintosh and every other company willing to jump on the band wagon and build good sounding tables again.

ACF's picture

Love it. Want it. Have to have it!

Robby's picture

are you kidding me?as a rabid McIntosh fan with restored vintage McIntosh MC-60 tube monoblocks from 1955, i'm's what i'd do:all you need is a slender, but substantial highly polished black lacquer plinth. get rid of the ridiculous meters. keep the clear resin (or whatever it is) platter as is.NOW for the McIntosh part. light the logo on the front of the plinth than have green underglow LEDs to light the platter green from the underside. put a switch on back to kill the lights for night time listening.DUH!see ya,Robby

Jean's picture

Hello from France. I'm not sure the black front panel/blue meter is very useful with a turntable. I'm quite surprised they've created an arm + a cartridge in those digit days (funny, no ?) especially when there are so many competitors...At the back it looks like a Verdier turntable (remember ?). Have a nice day.

Patrick D'Annunzio's picture

...YEH, Hell YEH!!! NICE!!! THis is the type of product that gets people interested in what is going on in audio! After YEARS of dreaming and reading about REAL AUDIO PRODUCTS I've FINALLY landed a REAL job!!! Now with real money I can actually think about something else other than "how am I going to make rent this month"!!! This is on my SHORT list of MUST LISTEN TOO turntables for my system that I've always wanted to buy and build...

LARRY's picture

You obviously need a creative industrial designer to pull this trick off. Otherwise, this reminds me of the turntables that went obsolete 30 years ago.

pjd's picture

they couldn't have made it look stupider. And how about all those lovely resonances in that nice box of a plinth!...ptueeey!

Ken H.'s picture

All you've seen is a picture, folks. A brutally incomplete image, no less. Calm down. Nor have you heard it. It might be great."Passing judgment is fools game. All it does is anchor one in the self lies of their own past."I see a puking good amount of that right here.

Perry Pecker's picture

Thank you Wes for your kind words and enthusiasm, we appreciate it. But just to clarify, The Timefield