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Analysis Plus Interconnects

I just finished replacing all my one-meter ICs with AP's Solo Crystal Oval Interconnects. The run between my CDP and integrated amp is fully balanced and the runs between the TT and integrated and integrated to headphone amp are RCA (unbalanced). Of course, the TT/cartridge is grounded to the integrated chassis.

The balanced ICs are non-directional. With the unbalanced ICs, AP suggests that the arrow on the wire be pointed to a common ground, so all are pointed at the integrated amp, no matter the direction of the signal-flow. AP apparently has some grounding scheme for the unbalanced IC. (All I know is that my system is dead-quite when there's no signal).

In addition to all those ICs I've got a half-meter AP Digital Oval digital coax/RCA interconnect between my Pioneer Elite universal player and my Playback Designs CDP's digital inputs. (I use the Pioneer as a transport for DVD-As, mp3s and oddball CD formats that the Playback Designs MPS-5 SACD/CD player doesn't handle).

This IC upgrade (from Kimber

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