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Analogue Source component

A bit hilarious of a choice, no?. Sorry to say, but the SME 20/12 is in a totally different league to the VPI SSM Ref - and, of course, in a totally different price band too.

If the award is for value for money, then perhaps VPI's own Classic or the TW should be taking that particular prize.

Jim Tavegia
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Re: Analogue Source component

I often think that SME doens't get the respect they deserve, but when you start with tables at $10K the market is small.

It also seems like many pull off 95+% of what SME does for a fraction of the cost. I would believe that if i could afford and SME 10 I would not be disappointed or wishing that I had bought 2 of something else for the same money and upgrade 2 systems in the process.

My debate would be: 2 Rega P9s or 1 SME 10. Hmmmm?

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Re: Analogue Source component

Even a price no object, I doubt I'd but a full SME table, if anything for the looks. But some of the best setups I've heard have been VPI tables with SME arms.

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