Analogue Productions’ The Doors

At the Hilton, T.H.E. Marketplace was home to May Audio, Ginko Audio, Bob’s Devices, Eastwind Imports, Reference Recordings, Lavry Engineering, and Acoustic Sounds.

Here we see Acoustic Sounds’ Chad Kassem, busy assembling the latest release from Analogue Productions and Quality Record Pressings, a 200gm, 45rpm reissue of The Doors’ self-titled debut, mastered by Doug Sax on an all-tube system. Light my fire.

DetroitVinylRob's picture

Chad and his many music making ventures is a vinyl revelation. Go Chad, you are the man!

Happy Listener, Happy Listening!

JItterjaber's picture

Thanks to Chad new audiophiles can rediscover amazing recordings! The Getz/Gelberto I picked up at THEShow has not left my turntable yet.

The Doors on 45! Cool