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Analog Preamp With HT Bypass

For my current setup, I have Elac Carina line for floorstanding, center and surround speakers. The floorstanding speakers are powered by a NAD C268, which is in the pre-out on my Marantz SR5012 AVR. The center and surrounds are powered by the AVR. I am looking to add a turntable to the mix, but my AVR always does ADC then DAC even in ‘Pure Direct’ mode. I want to listen in pure analog.

I need advice on a purely analog stereo preamp that has home theater bypass and a phono stage input. This would allow me to ability to listen to stereo in pure analog and pass through to AVR for TV/HT usage. Down the road, I’d plan to add a DAC with MQA capabilities to hook up to this preamp but for now the AVR DAQ is fine for my music streaming. My budget is sub $1,500.

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