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Amp/Receiver for Streaming Music

Hi All,

I am planning to buy a new receiver or amp + 2 bookshelf speakers for my living room. I plan to use it mainly for music. The thing is that I stream most of my music through Rhapsody on my lpatop (I don't store any files on my laptop and I don't use CDs). So I need to hook up my laptop to the recevier/amp.

I was hoping to get some advice on which amp or receiver is best for for streaming music? Also, what is the ideal set up for hooking up a laptop while keeping the sound quality as much as possible?

For the speakers I was planning on buying the Polk Audio RTi A3 or Paradigm Mini Monitor.

My budget for the receiver/amp and the speakers is up to $1000.


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Re: Amp/Receiver for Streaming Music

Paradigm Mini monitors are always very nice. You might consider the Marantz SR4021 and. To be quite honest by far your limitation will be Rhapsody as your source. The sound quality is not anywhere near CD. When you get things up and running do a comparison for yourself and you'll hear what I mean.

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Re: Amp/Receiver for Streaming Music

Buy a Squeezebox (SB) , 300.00 to wi-fi stream to your receiver or ditch the receiver and run the SB directly to powered speakers.
You can stream Rhapsody through the SB. The SB receives Rhapsody at 192 instead of the 160 bit rate through your computer.
If you download Rhapsody files through their to go subscription those files are 256vbr and SB will wi-fi those files from your laptop at 256vbr.

The SB also gives you acces to thousands of radio stations around the world as well as Pandora , Rhapsody and other services.

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