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Amplifier for Triangle Esprit Titus speakers?

Hi all... I have 2 systems. My second system uses a Rotel ra840BX4 amp feeding JPW Sonata speakers that is starting to fail. Main system uses a Cambridge Azur 651a amp running Triangle Esprit Titus speakers. Sounds good, but wondering if I should keep the Cambridge, and just replace the Rotel, or... shift the Cambridge over to replace the Rotel and then get a different/better suited primary amp to run the Triangles? Read that the Cambridge could be too bright for the Triangles and that a warmer/smoother amp may give them a lift and enhance my listening pleasures... The Creek Evolution 50a, Roksan Kandy K2, Myryad z140, Cyrus 1-6 and Rega Amps have good reviews in this area. What do you reckon, stick with the Cambridge as there will be few improvements... or switch to a different amp for getting more from the Triangles? I tend to buy second hand by the way...Cheers for any insights and suggestions.

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