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Amplifier for listening at low volume + nearfield listening

I greet everyone and thank you in advance for any information that will be helpful for solving my question.

I have a small study of 4x3 meters, where I want to listen to high-quality music while sitting at the computer (CD, TIDAL, ... ). So it's about listening at a close distance and mostly at low volume (a lot at night). On the sides of the monitor there will be speakers near the wall, I have a Harbeth P3ESR DX, they were often recommended for such listening.

I need to choose an amplifier, I am considering the Marantz PM7000N, which also has a stream. If this amplifier is not good enough for Harbeth and is not able to play well at low volume, I would also go for Marantz Model 30 (which is supposedly excellent at low volume) + some DAC+Streamer. I like the Marantz and both have tone corrections, which is suitable for low volume as I read.

What do you think/experience with it? Does it make sense to go to the more expensive Model 30, for my listening conditions? Or should I choose a cheaper Marantz PM7000N and in cooperation with Harbeth and low volume it will also be sufficient and of good quality?

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