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Amplifier Help Please

Hi, I don't know much about amplfiers. I have been using a Bose FreeSpace IZA 190-hz amplifier for my restaurant for about 7 years with no problem. I've got 8 ceiling speakers hooked up to it. The electrician had just hooked them all up in series from one amplifier output.

Now I've added two outdoor speakers (bose 251 Environmental). The electrician tried to just add them to the same series but the outdoor speakers seemed to suck up most of the juice (they are loud and the indoor speakers are now whisper quiet).

I looked at changing the amplifier from the Freespace to the Bose PowerShare PS602 (because it says it has "dual outputs" that can share the power) but it is really expensive ($1,200).

I want to run a separate wire from a 2nd output (for the outside speakers) but use the same aux-in input as the first output wire uses.

Is there a cheap(er) option? Something easy I don't know about?


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