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Amp recommendations for center and surrounds (Wilson, Meridian 861 setup)

My front two speakers are Wilson W/P8s on Ayre MX-Rs. My center is eventually going to be a Watch Center and the surrounds will eventually be Duette speakers. My processor is a Meridian 861.

I could use recommendations on amps for my center channel and surround channels. I feel that the Ayre MX-Rs would be overkill (way to expensive) for this task, as I am not as worried about my surround sound elements as the two channel elements of my system.

What do you people recommend? I need balanced inputs. A monoblock in the front. I would also like flat measurements so I am assured the signal isn't being altered enough to affect the front soundstage sound quality. I would prefer something that will go well with the Ayre gear. Cheaper is better, but of course, I don't want to sacrifice measured quality either.

For now I have a Bryston 9B SST to use for the rear and center channel until I save up enough for separates. I would like separates for the convenience of not having speaker wires running across the room more than anything else...

Any help is appreciated!


- Jeff

BTW - I don't mind digital amps either, as long as they measure flat enough to not affect the sound...

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