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AMP + DAC for Focal Aria 926


I'm looking for a power amp and a separate DAC for my Focal Aria 926. I currently have an old Yamaha RN500 that really doesn't make justice to the speakers :) For the amp I was checking the Rotel 1582 MK II and for the DAC I would prefer an all-in-one (DAC+Preamp+Streamer). Here I was looking at Cambridge CXN V2 or a more expensive option - NAD C658. Also, for the power amp I've read good stuff about NAD c298 witch uses the famous Purifi EIGENTAKT module, but it's class D and I haven't really experienced any class D amps by now. I think I prefer a warmer sound even if it's with some coloration rather than a sterile/crisp class D type sound.

Total budget is around 2000-2500$ for both.

Do you have any other recommendations? What about the ones I listed above?
Thank you very much,

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