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Amlifier for Dynaudio Ecxite X12


What is better choice for my new Dynaudio Excite X12 from:
1. Creek Evolution 2
2. Exposure 2010s2
3. Naim NAIT 5i-2
4. others...


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Dear Alexei, I had very good

Dear Alexei,

I had very good experiences with the exposure 2010s2.

Another option is the Moon i1 amp, i temper my much more expensive audiovector speakers with the Moon with no problems.

Naim 5i is nice, but you need to love the house sound, I don't like the Naim sound very much.

Paul Welch
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The solid state amps

The solid state amps mentioned are good but they will lack the dynamic impact, punch, and musical harmonic details of  good tube amp.

Try the Jolida JD202 or 801.  Yes, these have fewer knobs and switches and features and for god reason, when the preamp section sounds this good you do not need them.  Yes the power amp tubes will only last about 5 years, provided you turn it off every day after using it 1 to 8 hours per day but they are low cost to replace and are a superior amplification device for music overall.  Yes, their specs will nt appear to be as great as solid state but for example the 40W RMS per channel JD202 will sound louder and cleaner than any 80 W solid state amp because it has robust output transfomers and has much greater dynamic reserves of power.  Did you know that tube amps by nature are much kinder to loudspeakers at extreme volumes and with spikes? >> because they are incapable of putting out a DC signal.  DC kills more speaker drivers than any other reason.

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