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am I evil for laughing at this?

i mean... is it possible to be horrible and hilarious? laugh or cry sort of deal

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Re: am I evil for laughing at this?

I must admit that I giggled when I read the headline, but, damn that's pretty fucked up.

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Re: am I evil for laughing at this?

Thank for the link. I posted it on my facebook so that all of my Indiana friends what love black humor could have a laugh.

Lamont Sanford
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Re: am I evil for laughing at this?

It's hilarious. Both have Alzheimer related disorders and can't recall what happened. I'm very familiar with the disease. Both my in-laws perished from it and now have watched it ravage the parents of friends and kill the parents of other friends. My mother is one step away. Our parents are getting so old that their brains turn into cottage cheese. Out of the insanity comes humor. Visiting my mother-in-law at the Alzheimer's ward one day. I was sitting in a nice chair. It's an upscale ward. I nice little old lady slowly walks up and sits in the nice comfortable chair next to me. She then pulls down her pants and proceeds to piss in the chair. Not being shocked by this I ask her, "Is that a nice toilet?" She looked at me and calmly said, "go fuck yourself". I told her, "I'm telling on you", and went and got one of the orderlies. He dragged her ass off and came back and cleaned up the mess. That will teach her to fuck with me just that one time. Sadly, she is or was somebody's mother.

I should start using this bar as a journal to post my daily encounters with my mother. She lives in an "independent living" facility. Stays high on massive amounts of coffee all day. They make it by the vat there.

BTW, a nice well known gentleman, that will remain nameless, in my community retired as a stock broker a few years back. Very well known and respected. Getting up there in years but not quite at the cottage cheese stage yet. Well, out of the blue he goes and robs the bank next door to where I work last Friday. At least, he is the main suspect. Everybody at the bank knew the guy. The whole town is like, WTF?

My wife is shocked but I reminded her that her Uncle Blackie robbed the local bank during the Great Depression and just took the money home and waited for the sheriff to come to his house. He was just sitting there with all that cash stacked on the kitchen table while he calmly was drinking coffee. I guess it is just a sign of the times.

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Re: am I evil for laughing at this?

It was only funny until someone got hurt, then it was hilarious.

The sad part was the BS about him probably being angry and lashing out with his dangerous fighting skills...

I took it as two guys likely fucking around and then it turning out like horseplay can.

Since neither can remember what happened, make the story kinder - "They were playing wrestler until things went horribly wrong..."

It would have been straight out of Grandpa Simpson's rest home, at that point:

"The victim's last words were, 'Hey, Vern, can you show me how you did that?'"

If it had been Jim Varney getting killed it would have been even funnier. Some variation of, "Hey, Vern..."

A really really sad thing is that I'm old enough to remember the guy, and Gagne's son, Greg. Saw him fight the Masked Interns when I was a kid. The Masked Interns cheated.

I like to think that after we die, we appear at the Pearly Gates and have to answer to St. Peter to get in. As you wait in line, you hear St. Peter ask, "Name? Cause of death?"

This actually helps me in real life. I don't do things I wouldn't want to say out loud in front of St. Peter, like "Ran away from a naked girl and fell off the roof," or, "Autoerotic asphyxiation."


For this guy, I figure, "Killed at age 97 by Vern Gagne in a body slam while we were wrestling" would get him some cloud cred.

So, here's to the 'slam-ee!'

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Re: am I evil for laughing at this?

I thought the story was very funny, but then I felt guilty for laughing at it. On the positive side, the guy who died was 97, so he had a pretty good run there.

Here's a link to a video with a similar sort of "should I be laughing at this?" theme. I laughed like hell at this one. I didn't feel guilty, but things would have been different had the kid gotten hurt or killed.

Iraqi wedding video

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Re: am I evil for laughing at this?
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