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Altec Lansing-FX-5051 V/S JBL's Encounter !

Hi Everyone,

I am looking out for some Good Quality External speakers to connect to my Laptop . And I am confused between buying a 2.1 or a 5.1 Speaker system. My objective is, when I am listening to Music or watching Movies on my Laptop I should get a out of the world sound experience . I am also more in to listening Club Music so for me the speakers that I go for should have good Bass, When I mean Bass it should just not sound as if someone is Hitting hard on some Drum, it should be a good clear, stereo, Bass but a balanced sound. So I am in two minds on should I go for a 2.1 or a 5.1 Sound system. My requirement again is Club, Disco Like Sound Effect for enjoying Fast Paced Music (Trance, Club Music ) with some more emphasis on Bass ( not entirely but quite a bit). And also good Stereo Cinema surround Theatre like sound for watching Movies on DVD and Studio, I have shortlisted 2 speakers Altec Lansing FX-5051 ... _id=fx5051

and JBL's Encounter ... kProduct=Y

Can somone please advice appropriately...


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