Alma Audio pairs the Wilson SabrinaX with Bricasti's M25 and M21, the Innuos Statement, Kubala-Sosna cabling, and more

One of the many qualities of Wilson Audio SabrinaX loudspeaker ($19,000/pair) is the ability to let you hear, without editorializing, the unique sonic qualities of the electronics that precede them. Thus, with the help of Kubala-Sosna Sensation cabling, a Finite Elemente HD09 ED amplifier stand, and Nemesis Decorac acoustic paneling (bottom photo), could I hear the lovely midrange, impressive bass, and unglamorized highs produced by Bricasti's M21 DAC/Preamp ($16,000) and M25 Stereo Amplifier ($18,000) with the essential help of an Innuos Statement Network Music Server ($15,100 with 1TB internal storage).

Bricasti's M21 flagship DAC/preamp contains ladder-DAC technology that processes up to 24/384 PCM and direct 1-bit DSD up to DSD256. Its analog level control can be hard-wire bypassed for outboard preamp users. A snippet of Iván Fischer conducting Stravinsky, followed by Lee Ritenour's "LA By Bike," showed off the system to best advantage as they evoked deep bass and most impressive solidity.