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Air Cleaner for Music Room
Michael Fremer
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I use the Sharp FP N60CX. It's really good but it's a few years old now so perhaps it's no longer in the catalog and has been replaced by something twice as expensive and not as high end audio HAHAHA (just kidding)

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I bought a Sharp FU-40SE-S (European model number) after reading Mikey's article and after using for 2 years now,i thought it didn't make much difference until i had to unplug
it and store it for a few months due to room re-decoration.
Only now i realise how good it is.Dust prevention 80% smoke prevention 90-95% , plus,and i honestly do not know why,i get the impression sometimes that the air in the room feels like the distant smell of evcalyptus.

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I guess Eucalyptis is better than Taco Bell...yeah, I know it's better than Taco Bell.

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Hi, and welcome, AudioDwebe.

Usually for opinion posts I like to chime in with opinion, but this time I have a belief!

I believe the best room filter is the IQ Air Health Pro Plus. It can filter a thousand square foot area, and filters down to the level of removing 0.01 micron particles and some gases.

I've actually measured some of these devices and that filter showed 0 particle output on our particle reader.

I have no fiscal connection to the product, I'm just a nerd for this kind of gear, and this piece is superlative.

I can't say enough nice things about it.

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I have found that using a nitrogen atmosphere will improve the quality of the sound because of the reduced moisture content. Of course your speaker cones will dry out and you will pass out due to lack of oxygen. Perfection has its price.

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Diddo on the IQ Air Health Pro Plus. I have one at home & it is a remarkable unit. Hospital clean rooms, Dental offices & other clean rooms use them. My son has asthma & it has been a remarkable benefit. Before my purchase I searched the web for a few months on the subject & the IQ Air kept coming up as the best by far. Hence my purchase.

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How much better does it sound when removing dust between speakers and ears? Anyone heard an improvement?

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I would start with earwax and work your way out.

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