AH! Njoe Tjoeb 4000 CD player Specifications

Sidebar 1: Specifications

Description: Remote-controlled CD player with tubed output stage, one pair of analog outputs, one headphone output, and one S/DIF digital output. Tube complement: two 6922s. Optional TjoUpsampler board adds 24-bit/192kHz-upsampling sigma-delta DAC. Maximum output level: switchable between 700mV, 1.25V, 2.5V, and 5V. Output impedance: ±275 ohms. Power consumption: 20W maximum.
Dimensions: 17.2" (440mm) W by 3.4" (87mm) H by 10.9" (280mm) D. Weight: 11 lbs (5kg) net.
Finish: Black.
Serial numbers of samples reviewed: KT000015005190 (auditioning); KY000117034186 (measuring).
Prices: $699. Options: AC Direkt power cord, $79; Tjoeb Shoes isolation feet, $69 set of four. SuperTjoeb package consisting of CD player and both options: $847. TjoUpsampler 24-bit/192kHz upsampler: $299. Approximate number of dealers: factory-direct through Upscale Audio. Warranty: 1 year.
Manufacturer: Dé Hifiwinkel BV, Stratumsedijk 67h, 5611 NC Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Tel: (31) 40 211 33 88. Fax: (31) 40 211 77 34. Web: www.hifi-planet.com. US distributor: Upscale Audio, 2504 Spring Terrace, Upland, CA 91784. Tel: (909) 931-9686. Fax: (909) 985-6968. Web: www.upscaleaudio.com.