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Affordable upgrade phono preamp

OK, I've been rediscovering my vinyl collection and loving my new Music Hall mmf 5.1 turntable with Goldring 1012x cartridge. Now I have another question that I could use some expert advice on. My phono preamp is a Parasound pph-100. It cost about $150 a few years ago. If I were to buy a new phono preamp for about $600, will I hear a noticable improvment? I've been told yes by the store I bought my turntable from. I'm thinking about the Simaudio Moon LP3 or a Pro-ject tube model. Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance,
Don in Phoenix

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Re: Affordable upgrade phono preamp

I don't know your Parasound, but I just moved up to a Rowland phono stage from the Pro-ject Tube Box SE. It's sweet with a neutral tonal color. I'll be letting it go for $250 plus shipping if you're interested. I think it's got about 600-hours on it, barely broken in.


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Re: Affordable upgrade phono preamp

I moved up from the super bottom of the line project solid state box to the Grado PH-1. What a change. It's about $500 and it sounds awesome. I'd love to get my hands on a good tube stage though to try it out.

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