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Advise On Selecting a Pre Amp

Hello Friends,

1. I own the following set up:-

(a) Monitor Audio G S 60 Speakers.
(b) Arcam CD 37 CD Player.
(c) Bryston 4B SST Power Amp.
(d) Transparent Music Link Super & Plus Interconnects.
(e) Chord Odessy Speaker Cables.

2. I am looking for a preamp and have zeroed down to the following:-
(a) Arcam FMJ C 31
(b) Bryston BP 16.
(c) Sim Moon i - .1

3. Please advise me for the selection of the Pre Amp.
Regards thelapillil

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Re: Advise On Selecting a Pre Amp

The Bryston preamp is well built but it can be a bit on the analytical side, especially when matching it up with their amps.

I haven't heard that particular Arcam piece of gear but everything from them that I've heard is very musical.

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