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Advise on purchase

Hi, first thank for thanking the time to read me post and I even thank more the ones that will give me advises!

So I wan't to start to build a kind of a starter kit and build from there, without spending a huge amount of money but be able to start from there and invest more in the future.

So I want to buy some headphones and I'm thinking about the Sennheiser HD 660S which seem to be good purchase according to my buying possibilities.

Although if someone can suggest some better option in the price range of the Sennheiser, which I appreciate, my biggest need on advise comes next.

I was searching for a DAC/AMP and saw a few options. I was thinking of the FiiO K3 since what I've read they seem ok and the price is pretty good.
In an ideal world I would like to listen to music from my computer, my iPhone and my TV (the watch live streams of concerts). It seems like I wouldn't be able to do it all with the K3, would need something else like the FiiO BTR5 for my TV and iPhone.
Is there another alternative besides this?

Again thanks in advance!

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