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Advice on using a second power amp for better channel seperation

Hi all, im new here just signed up, couldnt see an introduce yourself section?.

I have a reasonable system set up that im very happy with. but im after advice on improving soundstage and seperation.

current setup as follows:

dac magic DAC (soon to be dennafrips aries 2 if its ever sent)
shiit jotunheim 2 (pre/headphones)
nad c268 power
bw and w 601 s3

i have the oppertunity to buy another nad c268 for a very good price, its from the same seller i got the other from so will be well matched r.e run in time and its life in general.

how would you use it?

passive bi-amp?
bridge one left one right?
use only 1 channel of each for left and right? (i think the best option in my situation but waiting to hear from NAD that it is safe to do)

I have no need for more power at all, the 80wpc is ample with headroom to spare, im only thinking of adding another amp as its such a good deal and im interested in the effects of separating the system up a bit, iv been told it could improve the soundstage a bit, the weakest part of the system.

I am using all ballanced interconects as have found them to sound much better than the OE connections, this makes splitting signal for any form of bi-amping tricky.

anyone used the c268 as bridged and found it to sound ok, not a big increase in noise/thd, iv found this with bridged amps in the past.

thanks in advance

Kal Rubinson
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I really doubt that the

I really doubt that the separation of the C268 is inadequate and is a limitation. Before spending more money on an unnecessary amp,* I suggest you look at your speaker set-up and room acoustics.

*Sooner than buying another C268, you can do much better with a single C298 or, even, a used M22.

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