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Advice on speakers with a whiteboard setup

Hi guys,

I have a strange set-up request. Our work is about to purchase a Promethean Whiteboard (those interactive things they have in schools these days), which is driven by a computer sat in the corner, and hooked up to a projector, which projects onto the whiteboard, and then you can control the presentation by touching the whiteboard.

What I need to find is a set of speakers (at least 2, but a surround sound setup of about 4 speakers (Sub optional)) that can be mounted on the wall. The room is about 30 metres x 15 metres. I am interested in knowing if I need computer speakers, or normal hi-fi style speakers (I think computer sized speakers would look odd mounted on the wall.)

The budget would be as little as possible, but not to exceed $500, as we are a charity. This would include a soundcard if needed, as we use Realtek on-board sound in the computer I imagine will be used to drive the system.

Any advice on purchases would be greatly appreciated, and any general advice too.

Best Wishes.

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Re: Advice on speakers with a whiteboard setup

I'm not familiar with those things, but my instincts are that you should probably stick with speakers that are very easy to drive. The unit may even specify a recommended speaker rating on the back.

If you could locate a user manual, either on the web or simply post the information in this thread we could probably help.

Unless someone here just happens to be familiar with that thing, we would simply be guessing.

Jim Tavegia
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Re: Advice on speakers with a whiteboard setup

The biggest problem you have is this is a large space to fill and I would recommend staying with 2-channel if you can. You are going to need something closer to PA quality than hi-fi due to the size of the room and your budget.

$500 is not quite going to do it I am afraid.

A pair of these would fill your room and they have built in amps so you could drive them with a sound card and control the output/volume with the computer audio program. The 15" speaker would fill your large space adequately. It is not high end audio, but I think it would meet your needs. They are $500 a pair.

You could use the tone controls of your sound card/audio software to try and match the speakers to the room, whether too bright or too highly damped. I am asuming it is mostly hard surfaces and no carpet.

The B212's are the same with a 12" woofer and less bass output, but would be $100 less a pair at $400.00 . This would leave you $100 for a sound card.

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Re: Advice on speakers with a whiteboard setup

Good thinking, Jim.

I can recommend the Roland CM-30 Cube Monitor. They have excellent sound for an inexpensive self-powered PA speaker. A couple of these will fill a very good sized room with no problem.

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