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Advice on speaker dilemma

Hey guys,

I'm new to this forum.

I'm listening to Klipschorns and have been toying with the idea of changing speaker lines. Or maybe trying a Butler tube amp and Jolida Tube CD player so see if I can "soften" things up a bit with the somewhat bright Khorns.

But, changing over my whole speaker line, might be too costly and time consuming.

I'd like a speaker with great soundstage AND FULL imaging even at lower volumes.....I have Tinnitus in one ear ( constant ) but still would like to enjoy music, although I'm 75/25 HT and music.

Some of the brands I've considered based solely on articles with the exception of the Triangles ( Heard the Esprit Antals in a store with a Parasound Halo 52 and Arcam CD player, not bad. But don't want to jump into anything. I might consider buying used, but wondering how long a speaker will last if it's serveral years old despite it being expensive when new.......



Monitor Audio

I noticed you guys talking up Theil but don't think I can afford them.

Triangle ( They say sound placement is key here )

Vienna accoustics.........

My khorns are great but fatigue sets in early when you turn them up cus that's where they shine. So I guess I could try another CD player ( I have a Sony ES carousel ), but considered the Arcam, and Jolida )

Of course my Magnum Dynalab tuner sounds great as an analog source, so I'm thinking maybe try the CD player first. And I do love the Khorns for home theater, but I think I could change some things around for music. I'm just so used to having the Monolithic size speakers, and grew up in the era where everything used to be in a box and you didn't have to worry about speaker placement like you do now with all these exotic brands. UGH

I've always been drawn to Klipsch and owned nothing else in the last 30 years of spending WAAAYYYYYY more money than I should have, buying, then selling , then buying. I'm kind of sick.

I know I can go into stores and audition, but would like to hear some of your thoughts.

Have any of you guys converted from speakers like Klipsch some of the ones I've mentioned.

Sorry for the novel. It's the fever creeping back into me and I don't know why.................

Thanks in advance for opinion,


Still, for now, have the Butler. Look at Thiel 3.6.
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Re: Advice on speaker dilemma

I owned klipschorns (98's w/AK-3 networks) for about seven years, but I don't now own any of the other speakers you mentioned. Still, if your main beef is listening fatigue, I would recommend a change in amplification. Perhaps tubes or MOS-FET solid state. Otherwise, if space permits, I might keep the horn-based HT system and put together a nice two-channel rig for music with whatever you prefer.

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