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Advice - Old Carver and Infinity System Needs Rework

12 Years ago I purchase a complete Carver and Infinity System for about $6000 and have done little with it since. It is in great condition but I am now in a financial position to start thinking about upgrades and I need help.

The Pre-Amp is a Carver Pro-Logic Pre-Amp

The Primary Amp is a Carver AV-405 5 channel cinema amp with 2 100W Channels, 1 110W Channel and 2 50W Channels.

The secondary amp is a Carver CT 115 stereo 100W amp.

The front speakers are old Infinity Kappa 8.1s which are power hogs. They are bi-ampable 300w speakers and I have been told the impedence varies greatly. Specifically, that they will draw power to a "2 ohm peak" which is a problem for the current Carver Amps I have. I am not certain if that makes sense as I know little about impedence and how/if it varies. It is obvious from the performance that the front speakers are under powered. That much I do know.

My first project is to correct this power issue as the Kappa's will probably be the last things I will replace. They still sound great.

I have done some investigating and am looking at ADCOM's GFA-7705 which is 200W x 5 and GFA 5500 which is 200W x 2. The price is a little steep at $3100 but they got real good reviews and I am familiar with ADCOM as a manufacturer.

Does this sound like a good spend? What other manufacturers should I consider that would offer something similar at the same or lower price? Is 400W for those speakers too much power? Is it ever possible to have too much power?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Advice - Old Carver and Infinity System Needs Rework
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Re: Advice - Old Carver and Infinity System Needs Rework

No such thing as too much power.

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