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advice on my setup - lossless files over toslink - DAC - Cyrus - Tannoy DC6T

I am new to the audiophile thing so I would like some help working out whether I have the correct workflow from audio file to the speakers.

It all starts with lossless audio files ripped off CD in aiff or apple lossless codec @ 44.1 khz. There are also some 24bit/96 khz files.
The files are run off my Mac Mini through itunes out via the optical TosLink cable. This cable is currently a bog standard cable from an old mini-disc which I had in my drawer. I will be replacing this with an adaptor (at the mac mini 3.5mm end) and a QED 3 metre Optical Cable.
Next in the chain is my Cambridge DACMagic which is getting a 96 khz feed from the Mac ( I changed the output Midi Settings ) and this is sending the analog signal to a Cyrus 8 vs2 via Chord Company Cobra 3 (1m) RCA.
This all finally driving a set of Tannoy DC6T with 3 metre lengths of Silver Screen cable.

Just to be clear - my iTunes equalizer is off - iTunes volume is all the way up - Soundcheck is off - Mac is outputting 96khz to the DAC.

I'm just looking for some re-assurance that this kind of setup has no major flaws. I have no complaint on the sound quality but I do not have a trained ear - yet. So I would appreciate any thoughts or areas where I should be looking to try and get the most out of what I have.
I do not intend to run a CD player here since I have a huge lossless collection I wish to make use of via the wonderful iPhone Remote application.


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