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Advice on my potential setup?

Technics Sl-D2 turntable w/ Shure M44G cartridge -->BBE phono preamp-->Cambridge 340a integrated amp-->2 Seas Loki speakers.

I own everything except the amp and speakers.

Any Advice?


Lamont Sanford
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Re: Advice on my potential setup?

Sounds like a plan!

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Re: Advice on my potential setup?

Are you building the speakers based on the 12 liter sealed box (213mmWx320mmHx262mmD) and Seas suggested crossover? That system has relatively low sensitivity (85dB SPL/2.83volts/1meter) and might be better matched with an amp with more power. Unless you have a pretty small room, I'd look at something more like the Cambridge Audio 640A V2 (on sale right now at Spearit Sound for $400) or a NAD C355BEE.

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Re: Advice on my potential setup?

My advice is to spend time on your speaker set up! Get that right, and you will hear the best the system has to offer. They make an expensive (to me) laser set up tool. I bought a laser from Petco that is sold as a cat toy and mounted it on some wood scraps. I place it on the sides of my speakers to try to get both of them aimed in the same manner. Then I futz with them to see if I can improve it.

Set up stuff costs nothing, can be fun, and helps you get what you pay for. Have fun!


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