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Advice on amplifier choice

My old Denon AVR S710W is ready to retire. Am trying to figure a replacement product. I use SVS Ultra Sound bookshelf speakers with an SVS-2000 sub. My requirements:
1. The best quality 2.1 channel audio quality. (99% of my listening is music via streaming other digital sources)
2. HDMI - I like to have my display on my TV
3. Built in Chromecast

I'm considering the following
1. Marantz NR1200
2. Denon DRA-800H

Are there any others that I should look at? Any recommendations, particularly any British brands (I like British sound!) that meet the above criteria?

Many thanks in advance.

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The best-sounding receivers I have heard are the ones from NAD and Cambridge Audio.

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I would strongly urge you to

I would strongly urge you to look at Cambridge Audio either the CXA81 or the BRAND NEW EVO that launched with Streammagic built inside, depending on your budget.
Im ordering the EVO tomorrow and extremely happy I waited because I couldn't get past the ugly front face of the CXA81.

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At that level I would

At that level I would recommend looking first at NAD and then Rotel. Ignore features functions and place emphasis on sound. Consulte professional reviews... Stereophile and The Absolute sound.

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By the responses...

I think you’ll see an overwhelming consensus for the following brands: Rotel, Cambridge, Arcam and NAD. The only real difference between a receiver and an integrated amp is the loss of tuner in an integrated. You should def be able to find something from those 4 brands in a variety of price points. Good luck!

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