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Running a Parasound JC2 Preamp/A21 power amp solid state looking for a
nice speaker system to match well.My HT is a Denon 4520C1 Receiver
with Klipsch RF 82 fronts RS 35 sides and RB81 backs and RC62 centre
Also running a intergrated Tube Amp Audio Space Reference KT88 3.1
along with Shanling DCT2000 Tube CD player and Well Tempered Lab
Amedeus my question is what kind of speaker! was looking at vons VR4
or Capriccio Continuo.
Any suggestions would be appreciated want to combine solid state
with tube amp in same audio rack just switch between the 2 speakers
My listening taste goes between jazz to heavy metal hence the 2
different types of speakers

Thanks in advance

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For $1300 you could get a pair of PSB Image T6 tower speakers, which have much better sound quality and resolution than those Klipsch speakers IMO.

For HT the Klipsch speakers may be OK, but for a good-sounding music system they are only mediocre, and certainly not what you want with that high-quality amplifier and preamp.

I used the PSB Image T6 speakers for two years before upgrading to my current speakers, and for under $2000 per pair I have never heard anything better.

If you have $6000 to spend, you will find the Vandersteen Treo speakers, which are my current speakers, to sound so good they will make your jaw drop 6 inches. If there are better speakers for under $10k, i have yet to hear them.

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