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Let me know your experience with subs and which brand and spec worked for you...I feel like I opened up a new door.

Long story short, I really was happy with my system as is, and didn't really see a need for a subwoofer, but I knew I wanted to at least try one at some point...well that point happened today..and it was really a game changer for me...

I purely by accident came across a deal I couldn't refuse... a Bowers & Wilkins CM series 10" sealed box, 500 Watt SUB. (Model ASW10CM)... for $600...This thing retails for over $1500. One can substitute any subwoofer that is my case I just happened to get a bargain on this one. But I would imagine an amp of at least 500 Watts, and a closed box is best.

A great song to audition any sub is "A View to A Kill", by Duran Duran (from a James Bond soundtrack and their Greatest hits album). Needless to say, the little B&W did very well.

Now for a very brief overview with different genres:

In Symphony music, I hear the "pressure" of the symphony..very low order room harmonic sounds...just wonderful...and if I dial up the crossover to 120Hz, I am treated to deep Timpani booms, and all kinds of other low sounds..just a whole new world opened up by revealing those bottom two octaves.

When I play Miles Davis, I truly only notice a very subtle the music goes to 40Hz on the low E...but that is good...that means the sub isn't over powering my system and is dialed in.

When I play RAP, of course I can hear dishes rattle...

when I play dance/house/tehcno..I can feel it.

On rock 'n roll, the trap drum slams.

Just a great purchase.

For those of us with bookshelves, I whole heartedly can recommend looking into a great subwoofer to get those critical bottom two octaves.

I haven't had this much honest to goodness FUN in a long time with music and I recommend a good mid to high end sub to open anyone's book shelf system up.

Again, to repeat, please take some time and let me know your experience with subs and which brand and spec worked for you..



Bowers & Wilkins ASW10CM
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