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Adding a dCs Verona to dCs components

I have a dCs Elgar Plus, Purcell and Verdi going into a McIntosh MC501 which goes to a JMLab Focal Utopia Nova. It presently sounds a bit analytical and dry though extremely accurate. Could a dCs Verona solve this analytical sound by adding more bloom?

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Re: Adding a dCs Verona to dCs components

Hi Stewart, welcome to the forum.

I had the identical front-end to you (sold a couple of years ago when our eldest started walking - and developing an interest in tweaking hi-fi - mostly with assorted foodstuffs) and my experience of the dCS Verona in my own system was that it made a very subtle difference indeed. After so much time I am unable to describe the subjective effects in any detail, only to say that I remember describing it to a friend at the time as similar in nature to adding a mains regenerator/conditioner to your source components. I certainly don't recall it altering the tonal balance at all.

The dCS stack does have a quite 'analytical' sound, so to some extent this comes as no surprise. However it can either be reinforced or compensated by other components in the chain. I have no first-hand experience of your amp and speakers (I know they are well thought of, however I don't know which side of neutral they err on) however I suspect that 'tuning' the system with 'warmer' sounding cables is far more likely to take things in the direction you want than adding a Verona.

At this altitude mistakes tend to be very expensive so I strongly suggest consulting your dCS dealer and possibly even the dCS distributor for your country who should have a lot more experience to speak from.

Good luck!

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