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Add on Amps

Have a question on hooking up a power amp to a HK 4385 reciever. I need a power amp to run 2, F-3 Klipsch speakers and was going to run a seperate amp for each speaker. Could someone tell me exactly how these would connect to my reciever. I know you use the pre-outs and one would go to the L out and the other to the R out. Does anything thing come back from the amps to the recievers main in connections. I would like to know the wiring configurations before I order these amps. One other question, I have an equalizer hooked to my system now through the tape monitor loop, will the signal go through the add on amps and to my speakers that will be hooked to them. So to sum it up the reciever will be running the 4 original speakers and the amps the 2 additional speakers. Will all this be possible. Thank You

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Re: Add on Amps

Yes- that should work in principle. The interconnects go out of the Pre-Outs to the amps and that's it. The amps will each have one run of speaker wire to their respective speaker. Your EQ and other peripherals all happen in FRONT of the receiver (input) so everything else is in the output.

Now...How it all SOUNDS may be different matter, what with variable loads on speakers, different amps and wattage, etc. Could get weird- I'd see what your receiver manufacturer says about how this will work. Good luck!

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