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Active Monitors for Home Stereo?

As I mentioned in my previous post, I'm building my first decent home stereo system with the primary purpose of listening to my vinyl collection. Right now I'm still in school so i'm on a budget. However, I already have a project studio that anchors around a Mac Pro, a Digi002 [digital recording interface], and Event 20/20bas [active studio monitors].

With the Digi002 acting as the sound card, the 20/20s sound pretty good playing back recorded audio and even my MP3 collection.

So my thinking is this: Why not invest in a good turntable [probably a Rega p3/24] while putting off the purchase of speakers and use my acceptable studio monitors at least for now.

So can anyone suggest a setup for me? Do I simply need a pre-amp with XLR outputs and phono stage?

Right now the monitors are using XLR inputs from the Digi002. Here is the connection info from my 20/20s manual: INPUT CONNECTOR This jack has gold plated terminals and accepts
both XLR and

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