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Acoustic Signature Tonearms FYI Big omission by MF

recently MF reviewed the Montana TT and T7000 tonearm. I bought a Montana before the review.

I have seen the T5000, T7000 and T9000 and played with the T5000 and T7000.
When I first saw them I had a gut reaction that I had bought the wrong tonearm after seeing that there is no actual VTA adjustment.

None of the AS tonearms have a way to finetune the VTA, no marks nothing to guide you. All there is to tune your VTA is a screw to tight the collar and your hand. Am I crazy or shouldn't one expect some type of finetuning for VTA?

It would be very interesting to learn why MF did find this crude, to say the least, VTA system acceptable!? especially at this price range.

He sells a DVD on how to finetune a TT, it includes microscopes, oscilloscopes, and many more precise tools.

I have great respect for MF, and I read anything he writes but IMHO this omission is a big one.

Luckily, I have a very generous dealer and he took back my t7000, after an entire day of trying to adjust the VTA without any success.

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