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Acoustic Energy AE309 vs MA Silver 200

Hi, this is my first post. I've been looking for floorstanders around the £1,000 mark. I listened to Dali and Kef and wasn't that impressed with either, for different reasons. This was just before the lockdown and since then it's been online research only.

I've narrowed my choice down to the Silver 200 or the AE309 - both slim cabinets, well finished and pretty much universally good reviews. However, I'm sure the audio signature for each is different and I'd be interested in real world opinions.

I'm leaning towards the AE309 as more than one review has remarked on how fast and dynamic they are, especially bass, and are well suited to electronic and prog style rock, which is the bulk of my listening. The aluminium tweeter is also detailed without being too bright, according to reviews. However, the downside seems to be that they're a bit too 'forward' for classical, and pianos sound a bit sterile. The MA's on the other hand seem to handle everything but are not that dynamic.

I'm trying to find a dealer who will let me audition both speakers at home, and if I do I'll post a comparative review on here.

Any thoughts on the AE309 in particular?

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