Acarian Aln Petite loudspeaker & PW-1 woofer system Reina comments on the Alón Petite

Robert J. Reina commented on the Alón Petite in February 2001 (Vol.24 No.2):

When I pitted the PSB Image 4T against the three speakers I already own and love, the comparison was interesting—any speaker costing $1000/pair or less demands sonic tradeoffs whose acceptability depends on personal taste. My reference Alón Petites were more delicate, articulate, and extended in the highs than the 4Ts, and significantly more transparent through the midrange and highs, revealing more layers of inner detail (as they should, given their 50% higher price). The Petites' microdynamic performance was also more natural and realistic.

However, their high-level dynamic performance and bass extension paled in comparison to the PSBs' (as one would expect, given the Alóns' much smaller cabinets). In my new, large listening room, the Alóns' bass response extended to only 60Hz. (In this room, I use the Petites with their companion PW-1 woofer, although in most smaller rooms I've tried, the Alóns have produced a convincing 55Hz. In my opinion, the subjective difference between 55 and 60Hz is the difference between a speaker that's bass-shy and one that isn't.)—Robert J. Reina

Robert J. Reina also commented on the Alón Petite in September 2001 (Vol.24 No.9):

I first compared the Polk RT25i to my $1000/pair reference, the Alón Petite. The Alón's high-frequency reproduction was more refined, detailed, and articulate than the Polk's, but the Polk's midrange reproduction, in terms of timbral accuracy and detail resolution, was damn close. The mid- and upper bass also bloomed more naturally in the Alón, and the more expensive speaker was superior in its subtle reproduction of low-level dynamic gradations.—Robert J. Reina