Absolare Passion Amplifier, Rockport Atria Speakers, ReQuest Raptor Plus Server, Echole Cables and AC Conditioner

Wonderful, truly musical warmth and clarity were the hallmarks of a system built around the Absolare Passion integrated amplifier ($26,500), ReQuest The Raptor Plus music server (1TB version with DAC that handles PCM up to 32/384, and DSD up to 256: $15,900), Rockport Atria speakers ($21,500/pair), Echole Limited Edition Power Center power conditioner ($20,000), and new Echole Infinity cabling ($TBD). On multiple tracks, starting with "Love Man Riding" from Philipp Fankhauser, I was simply and totally seduced by this system's warm and inviting sound.

In addition to the new Echole Infinity solid-core cable brand, which contains a mix of silver, gold, and palladium, the other new product in the system was the Echole Power Center. This is a passive conditioner that incorporates Bybee devices, and includes two high-current outlets for power products, and six others for the front end.