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about to purchase -B&w 803s, Rotel 1052 or 1057, Escient mx111

I am a newbie and always wanted to good sound system. I ventured into a B&W dealer recently and was recommended a pair of
a) BMW 700 series bookshelf speaker and pair it with
b) Rotel 1052
c) Escient mx-111

however after going back to check the speakers, I found that I like the
a) BMW 803s or the 804-s (debating over the richer bass of 803 and of course the price differences of $1.5K)
b) should I get the Rotel 1057 instead
c) Since I hace a LCD in my other sitting room, should I get the Escient MX-111 to have a better equip entertaiment system? Can I do with out the escient since I am debating over the $1999 retail price tag and it's not blu ray and on top of it I will need a sony changer for another $700.

So in terms of configuration my first system, can I get away with
1) the B&W speaker (800 series)
with 2) Rotel amps 1057 or 1052
3) Playstation PS3 or a bluray player

In terms of budget, I am fine but doesn't want to "oversplurge"hmmmm.... sounds like oxymoron here!

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Re: about to purchase -B&w 803s, Rotel 1052 or 1057, Escient

Escients are great for their organizational interface but sonically they are nothing to write home about. B&W 800 series speakers are capable of resolving more detail than the Escient can deliver. I'd add a really nice DAC to bi-pass their analog output stage if you go with the RX1052. For example the PS Audio Digital Link III is really nice, some like the Benchmark DAC's I haven't heard them myself. The 1057 is a home theater piece, it also has a DAC built in, but a 1052 with a nice DAC will EASILY trounce it on music. The 1057 might be underpowered for 804S and certainly would be for 803S. I would say that the only reason to consider a 1057 is if you want to do home theater, otherwise you are paying a lot of money for stuff you aren't going to use. Including HDMI switching, surround decoding, a couple of amplifiers, digital crossovers, etc. It's about a $600 integrated (an Rotel RA1062 for example) with all the extra stuff that I mentioned.

It sounds like you're on the right track so far. B&W 804 or 803 with a Rotel RX1052 and the PS Audio Digital Link III would be a really, really nice first system.

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