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802D & Excellent Issue

I was happy to see that the 802D was received so well, what a great review. Out of curiosity, is Kal still considering buying them for his system or did he decide not to? I bought them last month before this issue was released and am happy to see that my impressions from listening to them at one of the local dealers, which led me to buy the speakers, were on the mark.

The one thing I wish there was more of in the article, though understandably no one has the infinite amounts of time and money to do thorough comparisons, was more recommendations for amplifiers. I want to buy monoblocks for my 802Ds in the 5-8k range. I'm currently using a Bryston 9B SST and bi-amping it, though the dB level at which I listen to music did not cause problems when only one of the 140 Watt channels was being used per speaker (I wanted to be safe). I guess matching the amps will be an issue, so perhaps I need to stay with Bryston and purchase the 7B SSTs or the 14B SST; I'm not sure if anyone would recommend one over the other, would they?Or perhaps sell the 9B SST and go with Classe Delta series. I probably can't go wrong with the Classe since B&W most certainly spends a lot of R&D making them sound great together. The one issue is I love the bypass modes on the SP1.7 and am wary to mix and match preamp/processors and amplifiers between companies.

Thanks for the terrific read every month. I decided to stop wasting my time going back and forth to the bookstore at the magazine release period of the month, and to save the extra money as well, by ordering a subscription. Any input from anyone concerning the 802D monoblock options would be highly appreciated.


Jeff Kalman

Jim Tavegia
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Re: 802D & Excellent Issue

There are also some affordable, but high quality hybrid 150 watt per channel basic amps from Unison Research, the DM, that sound spectacular and there is a matching preamp, the Pre, to go with the set. It has a very nice built-in pnono stage for both mm & mc cartridges. If you can find a Unison dealer near you they would be worth a listen for sure. They are the Unison Unico on stereoids. It is 150 watts per channel or can be bridged into a 500 watt monoblock. They can be run bal or unbal. I am sure Holiday music at your house is pretty spectacular.

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