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6 months of hi-fi

Hi folks,

First of all I'm glad to be part of this forum, this is my very first post here! I've started buying decent audio equipment about 6 months ago now and my listening experience is so much different from before that I just wanted to share a couple of words with all of you.

A few months ago I purchased a pair of Buchardt S400's and had them run on the tiny NAD 3020 v2 integrated amp. Right out of the box it was a leap forward from my not-too-shabby Ruark Audio active speakers connected to my PC.

After dozens and dozens of hours of breaking in the speakers' sound started to get nicely shaped, the bass went from very good to WOW. The audio source was still my PC though (FLAC files), I used an Audioquest optical cable.

Regardless to different opinions about whether the sound sources have significant or any impact on the sound and all I decided to give it a go and purchased Bluesound Node 2i, didn't want to jump straight to Auralic Aries G1 because I was a bit sceptical of the idea of getting a different sound source in the first place. I have to say, as a complete amateur, the difference is that obvious. I kept switching between the PC and node 2i, listening to the same songs and you just can't neglect the difference. Compared to the node 2i using the PC's soundcard as the input resulted in a very flat and unlively sound, while using the node everything came alive, it was less muffled, the bass became fast and punchy, the mids became big and the highs became more vibrant and clear.

I have to say I'll never doubt the impact a good sound source has on the system. I still have to wait Buchardt to produce their first integrated amp and then compare again to the current NAD which is so far so good.

That's my 50 cents on this topic

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