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$500-600 stereo for small home office.

I'm a programmer that works at home and I have a small office of about 115sqft.  I have a budget of about $500-600 to get some really nice music while I work.  I'm a pretty dedicated audiophile and my home theater system is pretty beefy and is where I do most of my music listening right now.  Most of the listening I will do on this system will be at low to moderate volume while I'm working, so I need something that can produce clear, hifi sound even at low volume.  I listen to a huge range of music: classic rock, jazz, folk, electronic, hip-hop, pretty much everything depending on my mood.  The source of my music will be my MacBook Pro.  I have a lot of high bitrate MP3s and some FLAC encoded audio.

I've been researching for a few days and I've looked a lot of different solutions, but I want to get some more opinions before I pull the trigger.  Here are some of the options I've looked at:

- B&W MM-1 2.0 computer speakers ($499)
- B&W Zeppelin ($599)
- Custom 2.0 system with a nice USB DAC, T-AMP, and bookshelf speakers, but I think that might end up outside my budget.


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