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30 Years of Digital

FYI at the following link: If the links don't work, you may try to copy and paste them into your search engine or manually enter them into your search engine.

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Re: 30 Years of Digital

For me personally, listening to music I love is also at the same time struggling to hear that music as correctly reproduced as possible. One of the "tweaks" I experiment with, after e.g. a cable change, is polarity. The better and more natural the system sounds, the easier it is to hear correct polarity. Thus the repeating experiments.

I do not agree to whether 85% of CD's are of reversed polarity. More like the opposite, but the word is that sometimes single tracks on a cd has the wrong polarity. Although this might be true, I have never encountered this malady.

No doubt is correct polarity important though.

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Re: 30 Years of Digital

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Just a few discs..

As far as Lp's go, I've only found a few rock discs, but I hear that classical would be a higher figure. 

Do classical lovers find that a lot of discs, LP or CD, are reversed-polarity?

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