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A $2500 system - what do you think?

So I've been all over the place, and gotten lots of advice on this and other boards. and here is where I am leaning right now:

(1) Audio Note AZ - 2 speaker -- $1,100
(2) Jolida JD 102B - $550 regular or $750 for the factory upgrade
(3) Music Hall 25.2 cd player -- $550.

I want something pretty warm -- My cds are mostly jazz (w & w/o female vocals) and acoustic instrumentals -- that soundstage really well (would the joilida modification help on that?).

I started listening to solid-states, but fell in love with the Jolida at my local dealer. Really sweet sound, and seemed to power the Audio Notes as long as they were set up against the wall. Otherwise the bass was very, very weak.

This is going in the first floor living room of our new house! 12 ft by 17 feet - hard wood floors.

What do all the experts think? Will the MH (bright) be balanced by the tube amp? Anyone else have experience with Audio Note speakers?



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Re: A $2500 system - what do you think?

Man, I want to hear that system!

Sounds mui bueno.

Well considered!

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Re: A $2500 system - what do you think?

I'd think about a stock Jolida JD 202A for $700 before a modded 102A.

I'd also listen to the PSB Image T-65s if you get a chance. Very detailed without being too forward.

I'd also seriously consider room treatments, bass traps in the corners, absorption at the first reflection points and on the front and back walls.

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Re: A $2500 system - what do you think?

I haven't heard the Audio Notes, but I have heard the PSB Image series and I wasn't impressed at all. I'd take some Monitor Audio BR5's over them (much cheaper, too).

For a little bit more you can get some Rega R3's. They're quite nice & well worth an audition.

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