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2 Ways to Run a Signal Through a Subwoofer??

Can someone please let me know which way is best for sound quality as far as using 2 main speakers with a subwoofer for music listening:
1) sending the signal to a subwoofer directly from the pre amp (subwoofers with RCA IN and OUT connections)where the crossover is set at say 80Htz and then the filtered signal sent to the amp (via RCA OUT)to feed the main speakers or,
2) send the signal from the pre amp to the amp, have the amp speaker cables connected to the subwoofer speaker IN connection (again sub set at 80Htz) and then have the speaker cable from the subwoofer go to the main speakers.
If not in practical terms should one set up sound better in theory because of what is happening electronically with the 2 set ups? Thank you.

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Re: 2 Ways to Run a Signal Through a Subwoofer??

The simple answer to this question is, there is no simple answer. The sound quality of one hook-up compared to another depends on many variables. The quality of your amp, the quality and bass performance of your amp, the room interaction with your main speakers, sub. It all boils down to what sounds best to you in your circumstance. I use a REL sub with an ARC amp and employ the high impedence input driven by the speaker output from the amp. Try all posibilities and see(hear) what sounds best. Do not settle on the crossover freq. yet until you have experience with your room. Some speakers have more bass than their specs would seem to indicate. Some less. Above all have fun!


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