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2 channel amp

i live in mps. mn / we have three hifi stores here . limited selection to audition amps. i am looking for a two channel amp. i currently have a anthem pv7 amp and a anthem avm 30 processor. speakers are paradigm signature 40 v.5. i would like to upgrade the amp for stereo listening. i would like to by a used 2 channel amp .what i am currently looking at is a new anthem statement p2 2 channel for about $3500 . i am wondering for that price can i get a 5k or 6k used amp that will blow that out of the water. again there is a limited amount of gear to audition here in the twin cities of mn. any recomendations ?

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Re: 2 channel amp

You should be able to pick up something like a used Pass Labs X250.5 for that kind of money. Similiar wattage but pure class A up to about 80 watts peak. There was a X350 that recently sold for 3,100. Patience. Now is a great time for audio bargains.

The Anthem is a nice unit but you will definately notice a difference between the two. Only you can decide about the water cannons.


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Re: 2 channel amp

There should be many, many great used amps available at the price. A used Ayre V5xe should be available in that price range. They have remarkably transparent midrange and unbelievable extension in the high frequencies.

I'm not sure that a $3,500 used amp qualified as entry level. Shouldn't this be in the Amplifier section of the forum?

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Re: 2 channel amp





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Re: 2 channel amp

I think that place in Stillwater has closed, otherwise that would have been a good place to listen to some amps.

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Re: 2 channel amp

In all seriousness, in that set up, audition and Adcom amp.

The Adcoms will own the bass on those speakers and will not be fussy working with the Anthems.

Then, use all the extra cash for music!

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Re: 2 channel amp

Check out Audio Research. American designed and made! I think are the best made and sounding.

Lamont Sanford
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Re: 2 channel amp

What does American designed and made have to do with quality?

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