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2 Ce Sig II/Belles 150 Ref / Manley Shripm


I'm considering upgrading my Rogue Cronus integrated tube amp to the Belles 150 Ref and possibly a Manley Shrimp. Needing some inputs on this setup, unfortunately I'm not able to hear this combo but need the extra power due to my room size and hear this amps rivals the McCormack DNA 125.


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Re: 2 Ce Sig II/Belles 150 Ref / Manley Shripm

The Shanling A3000 200 wpc integrated hybrid amp is quite a unit but apparently is not well received as Underwood HiFi has two of them on special for a $510 discount. The one I heard did a great job. Haven't heard the Belles or Manley yet.

The Shanling A3000 for $1190 is an outstanding value.

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Re: 2 Ce Sig II/Belles 150 Ref / Manley Shripm

I have heard the Belles/Vandy combination many times at Audio Connection in NJ, just that they don't sell Manley. With another tube pre it is one hell of a combo - sure the Manley would be just as good.

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