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1/2 point of room sounds WAAAY than 2/3?

I’ve been experimenting with listening positions in my 5.6m long by 4.0m wide book-lined listening room. I marked out the exact center of the room (1/2 way between front and back wall) and 2/3 from the back wall with masking tape and positioned my chair so that I could slide my head forward from 2/3 to 1/2 way.

I know standing waves of low frequencies have an anti-node in the center of the room so bass is louder there, which should muddy it up and make it boomy, hiding some fine detail.


At 1/5 and 2/5 from back wall the horizontal center image and horizontal placement of instruments was very balanced and wide, but FLAT and almost as if I was watching the performance behind a screw . Then, as I moved my head forward, I passed THROUGH THE SCREEN and INTO THE ROOM where Leonard Cohen was singing.

It was absolutely incredible. I had my girlfriend do it as well and without telling her what to listen for she heard exactly the same thing.

We both agree it’s NOT just reinforced low frequencies (which are there of course). The three dimensional layering, soundstage depth, and the weight and fullness and REALNESS of each element of the song vastly improved.

Anyone else experienced this.

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The only method that works

The only method that works 100% for all rooms, all systems and all speakers is using the speaker setup track on the XLO TEST CD or similar CD or Test LP. “Move a little, listen a little” only works 100% when you know what you’re looking for. The more diffuse your system sounds on the out-of-phase track the more focused the system will sound when in phase. Other methods only find local maximum locations for the speakers. Of course, the best results are obtained when room anomalies are dealt with, which can itself be quite a significant undertaking. The optimum speaker locations must be determined *again* after each significant room treatments. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Trying to find the absolute best speaker locations without any particular methodology is like trying to solve x simultaneous equations in x + n unknowns.

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